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FlowersFlowersWelcome to Lan SangNerja's premier Lao and Thai restaurant

Welcome to the website of Nerja's premier Lao and Thai restaurant. Visit our restaurant to savour the taste of traditionally prepared Lao and Thai cuisine using the best of local ingredients from around Nerja. Opening Times: The restaurant is closed for Sunday lunch and all day Monday. Otherwise we look forward to welcoming you between 1pm and 3pm and between 7.30pm and 11pm. WaiWaiWok: Our sister restaurant in Burriana. See the menu here. Our Cuisine: Thai and Lao cooking is a paradox; it uses robustly flavored ingredients garlic, shrimp paste, chilies and lemongrass, and yet when these are melded together during cooking, they arrive at a sophisticated and often subtle elegance, in contrast to their rather coarse beginnings. More....